Blue Water Sailing - Ocean Cruising


1997 Malo 39

White Ibis

Superb build quality and an excellent cruising layout create a safe and comfortable offshore yacht with plenty of  space. The Malo 39 is built for long ocean passages but just as suited to coastal cruising.



1988 Cambria 44/46

Dragon Run

Dragon Run is a classic New England bluewater performance cutter-rigged cruiser built by David Walters.  Featured in The Worlds Best Sailboats, by Feranc Mate, the Cambria 44/46 is a beautiful boat both from afar and while on board, with both a fast and sea kindly design. From her home in Deltaville to the New England Coast



2008 Hallberg-Rassy



Mystic Pearl

Cruising New England and down to the Bahamas, Mystic Pearl offered comfortable accomodations, easy sailing and a head turning profile.So many amenities for the bluewater cruiser - in mast furling, bow thruster, taller rig, 2 cabins, 2 head compartments, easy chairs in the salon.



2005 Hallberg-Rassy 37


Borealis has been to the Bahamas, cruised the Chesapeake and crossed the Atlantic. What a joy and exceptional vessel.

There is tremendous value of the HR 37's ability to offer single handed sailing, sitting dry and stable in the cockpit while being able to make sail adjustments without going on deck under any kind of conditions. On your night watch or in heavy seas, this is a plus that cannot be over appreciated! 



2001 Hallberg-Rassy 46



Push button sailing at it's best, all up to date and carefully outfitted for extended voyaging in comfort and safety. After a nine year sailing adventure circumnavigating and participating in the ARC, Trillium's owners made landfall to reconnect with family and old friends. Free State Yachts was always there during their travels as a silent partner with worldwide support, reassurance, and a listening ear.

Trillium is ready to be a home for her new family and we will provide the same level of "aftercare".


1997 Hallberg-Rassy 39


Her Swedish owner set out from Sweden on an extended voyage through the Mediterranean, across the Atlantic, through the island chains and up the East Coast US.

He contacted Free State while still in route in Grenada to discuss what options he would have to sell his boat on this side of the Atlantic and if we could help. We made some suggestions and he decided to bring the boat up to our office in Deale, Maryland. Arrangements were made to have the boat imported to the US along with clean up and service after his long cruise, and so Doriana was ready for sale.

We secured a full price offer before we had time to make the listing live on the multiple listing system. 

We are currently helping the new Australian owner look after the boat and manage some of the improvement projects until he returns and starts Living his Dream sometime next year. 


2003 Hallberg-Rassy 36


Free State sold and commissioned this HR36 and has personally looked after her since the day she was delivered new here in the Chesapeake. She is very special to us and even though we will miss having this beautiful boat around, we will still have our wonderful friendship with the owner that developed over the years and look forward to staying in touch for years to come.


We are happy to report that we were able to find  new owners for this very special HR 36. Before the listing was completed, she was under contract. We were able to make arrangements so the seller went with new owners on their maiden voyage all the way to New York. Even though leaving the boat was somewhat sad, her original owner felt that her boat was in good hands and will be well taken care of in the future.


1999 Hallberg-Rassy 46


A true pushbutton boat with hydraulic main and genoa furling, powered winches, bow thruster, hydraulic vang and backstay. She has all the comfort features including hard cockpit dodger with canvas enclosure and bimini, air conditioning, diesel-fired/water circulating heating system, fridge/freezer, and full deck in-mast furler


1987 Hallberg-Rassy 352


Midwatch  is a perfect example of what you can do in a 35 foot boat if it’s built right. She has taken an extended cruise in Europe, traveling as far north as Norway, and on to Ireland, Scotland, France, Portugal and Spain. Then crossing the Atlantic once again for an island loop, she completed her cruise back to the East Coast US. Last year she stayed on the Chesapeake Bay and is ready for more.



2011 Alerion Sport 33

Bare Bones

A fast, responsive yacht that looks terrific, handles like a dream and doesn’t require a large or experienced crew


2000 Hallberg-Rassy 46


She has explored the Caribbean and the US East Coast. Crossed the Atlantic and cruised the Mediterranean.

She found the Med so alluring that Meg remained there, and spent several months cruising each year. Berthed in Greece, Free State Yachts brokers handled the international sale for her new owner

If you're looking to live the dream of sailing across oceans to some idyllic island, or want to sail around the world, then this is the boat for you.


2001 Malo 42


Built in the west coast of Sweden by traditional craftsmen, the Malö 42 sailing yacht is a design for a cruising couple with extended voyaging in mind. Malö Yachts are renown for their superior design and built quality as well as excellent stability, comfort and performance characteristics.  


2003 Hallberg-Rassy 53

Mia Bella Principessa

The German Frers design ensures that you will sail in a yacht with sparkling performance. A Hallberg-Rassy yacht exemplifies practical design features, exquisite finish, attention to detail, legendary quality, and Swedish elegance. A Hallberg-Rassy is safe, comfortable, and responsive in all weather conditions. They have often been awarded for being the ideal cruising yacht.


2005 Hallberg-Rassy 37


There is tremendous value of the HR 37's ability to offer single handed sailing, sitting dry and stable in the cockpit while being able to make sail adjustments without going on deck under any kind of conditions. On your night watch or in heavy seas, this is a plus that cannot be over appreciated! 


1996 Hallberg-Rassy 46


She is truly a great boat for the traditional sailor who seeks high quality, safety and speed, and can appreciate a boat that is ready and outfitted, literally, to go anywhere in the world. 


2000 Hallberg-Rassy 39


The HR 39 has all the credentials of an offshore cruising yacht...from her solid construction, meticulous finish and joinery, work to her sensible layout and sailing characteristics. All these features combine to make the HR 39 one of the most desired after models from Sweden's premier yacht builder.

If comfortable passages, solid construction, elegance and attention to detail make sense, then so does the Hallberg-Rassy 39 - Crusing World Magazine


2002 Hallberg-Rassy 43

Tiare Apetahi

The HR 43 MKI (150 built) has won both Yacht of the Year in Germany, Best Midsize CruiserBest overall Cruising boat as well as Top 10 in the US and Import Boat of the Year in Australia.

This HR 43 has all the award winning Hallberg-Rassy benchmarks. It goes without saying that this is a well-built blue water cruiser



2003 Hallberg-Rassy 36


Surreal was ordered new from the yard by her first owner, who visited Hallberg-Rassy in Sweden overseeing the build and carefully outfitting the boat to his own exacting specification based on many years of experience. She has enjoyed sailing the short seasons of the New England and the Canadian coast. Her new owners are staying in Maine for the summer then moving on to new adventures.



1988 Ericson 38-200

Palmetto Blues

Chesapeake Bay friendly shoal draft keel.   Those who know Bruce King know that he designs eye pleasing performance cruisers that not only look great but sail well too.  Palmetto Blues is heading down the ICW.


2001 Hallberg-Rassy 53

Ever After

Commissioned and delivered new by Free State Yachts - Ever After is the shoal draft version of this award winning cruising model. She is carefully outfitted for long distance cruising and plenty of room for 2 or 3 couples or a cruising family. Her new owners are taking her north for the summer and onward for new adventures.



2004 Hallberg-Rassy 43


Sold and commissioned by Free State Yachts. Smidge won the Carribean Cup and Governor's Cup. Designed by German Frers, the HR43 has won Yacht of the Year in Germany, Best Midsize Cruiser in the USA, Best overall Cruising boat in the USA as well as Top 10 in the US and Import Boat of the Year in Australia 2006. Her new owners are staying on the East Coast as they hone their sailing skills.



2003 Hallberg-Rassy 46




"A global reputation when it comes to setting standards for blue water cruising...Apart from their good manners under sail and power, much of the yachts' reputation is based on the solid build and high quality standard specification - considered by many to be the cruising icon."

 Yachting World



2008 Hallberg-Rassy 43 MKII



So many amenities for the bluewater cruiser - in mast furling, bowthruster, taller rig. 2 cabins, 2 head compartments, easy chairs in the salon. Grace, comfort and style.






1985 Hallberg-Rassy 352




The Hallberg-Rassy HR352 model was one of the most popular boat models with over 800 boats delivered.

Orion is set up for extended cruising with all necessary equipment and gear.


1991 Island Packet 32



A beautiful, spacious and seaworthy cruiser in immaculate condition by a builder known for building rock solid yachts.  


2008 Hallberg-Rassy HR54

Cloudy Bay

This HR 54 is a wonderful example of a safe, comfortable and beautiful bluewater cruiser.  She clearly demonstrates why Hallberg-Rassy enjoys such a remarkable reputation throughout the world.

Cloudy Bay was designed and outfitted for extensive unlimited cruising and set up in a way so just a couple could handle her with ease or accommodate a large crew in comfort as well.

2002 Hallberg-Rassy HR39

Virginia Dare

Free State Yachts sold and commissioned Virginia Dare to each owner, so we know her history well. She truly is a fantastic boat in turn key condition.

Designed by German Frers, the HR 39 is a great sailing, tough, go anywhere bluewater boat, certified Category A for Unlimited Ocean. Hallberg-Rassy built 219 of the 39s, between 1991 and 2003.

1991 Island Packet 32

Irish Rose

A beautiful, spacious and seaworthy cruiser in top condition by a builder known for building rock solid yachts.  Irish Rose was built in 1991 but she has been meticulously maintained, regularly updated and refit such that she is more like a much newer boat.  She's heading south with her new owners for their enjoyment as well.

2000 Hallberg-Rassy HR39


One of the most popular blue water cruisers for a cruising couple. Plenty of storage, comfortable interior, safe and dry cockpit. CE Category A-Unlimited Ocean, German Frers design.

Ocean Cruiser Hallberg Rassy Award Winner

2004 Hallberg-Rassy HR62

Between the Sheets

This HR 62 (Between the Sheets) was presented as "Import Cruising Boat of the Year 2006" in Cruising World. In 2005 Sheets came in a solid first in the big boat category in the Caribbean 1500. This was followed by a sweep of four first places in her next Caribbean 1500. The HR 62 also won the "Yacht of the Year" award in Germany in the largest class, over 50 ft.

Commissioned and delivered at the Hallberg-Rassy yard in Sweden by Free State Yachts

Blue water cruiser  Malo 37 Classic transom

2009 Malo 37 Classic


The Malo 37, small by modern cruising boat standards, packs a huge amount of tradition, quality and expertise in a boat that is truly a blue water cruiser. For those who want their cruising simple, elegant and manageable, the 37 would make a very handsome choice.


Hallberg Rassy HR352 Blue Water Cruising

1987 Hallberg-Rassy HR352


The Hallberg-Rassy HR352 model is one of the most popular boat models with over 800 boats delivered. Hallberg Rassy yachts are built on the west coast of Sweden and have received worldwide recognition for being safe, beautiful, strongly built, and capable of completing long voyages with a minimum crew. Each Hallberg-Rassy yacht is built to rigid specifications and receives a Lloyd's certification of construction.Midwatch is a perfect example of what you can do in a 35 foot boat if it’s built right. 

Hinckley 43

1981 Hinckley 43


This rare Hinckley 43 aft-cockpit, centerboard sloop is a real find. She is as beautiful as she is fast and built with legendary Hinckley elegance and strength, a timeless Classic .

Albin 43 foot trawler

1982 Albin 43 Trawler


The Albin 43 is a Classic Trawler with beautiful lines and a semi-displacement hull.  With twin 120 Ford Lehman diesels, she has a top speed of 12 knots, and she is very fuel efficient at her cruising speed of 7 knots. She is also spacious and comfortable with reverse cycle heat and air conditioning, ideal for a live-aboard, or a couple interested in doing the "Great Loop" or coastal cruising. 

Blue Water Cruiser Hallberg-Rassy Unlimited Ocean

1998 Hallberg-Rassy HR42


Alexia is a powerful all-ocean vessel. She is easy to sail in all conditions, the sail plan is very manageable, the layout works while at anchor and under sail, the deck layout is completely functional. This is an ocean going home, designed to be self sufficient, All the systems are accessible and well thought out. No other sailing yacht has won more awards for sensible design and build qualities. These yachts are form, fit and function in the highest degree- made to go the distance.

Hallberg-Rassy HR37 Unlimited Ocean Blue Water Cruising

2005 Hallberg-Rassy HR37


Introduced in the U.S. at the Annapolis Boat Show in Autumn of '05, this HR37 was judged superior to all other entries in her class for the 2006 Cruising World Magazine Boat of the Year. Borealis is a  sensible and unusually well equipped performance cruiser that's safe and reliable for offshore and long range cruising.

Ordered and delivered by Free State Yachts

Hallberg-Rassy HR39 Blue Water Crusing Great Live aboard Yacht

2003 Hallberg-Rassy HR39

First Light

Designed by German Frers, the HR 39 is a great sailing, tough, go anywhere bluewater boat, certified Category A for unlimited Ocean.

Professionally maintained, she's ready for provisioning, and off you go.

Hallberg-Rassy HR53 Unlimited Ocean Cruising Blue Water yacht

2001 Hallberg-Rassy HR53


Berthed in beautiful Barcelona, our broker was on site for an international survey and sea trial. He coordinated with the local marina and services and was onhand throughout. Providing exceptional client service is a mainstay and how we have built our global reputation.

Now on her way back to the US

Hallberg Rassy 53 - A Trans Atlantic Yacht ... - YouTube

Island Packet Quality Cruising Yacht

2001 Island Packet 380


Rated Category A, Ocean by the International Marine Certification Institute, Island Packets qualify for unlimited offshore use. Designed for the cruising couple, she has all the amenities for a luxurious lifestyle. Reverse cycle air conditioning and heat, generator, and the many creative built-in and storage features for which Island Packets are known, making a yacht that is set up to keep you comfortable wherever you are. Her full keel gives straight tracking as well as shoal draft, just 4ft 7in, allowing you to get into all the best anchorages in the Bahamas or the Chesapeake. And her true cutter rig makes her ideal for trade wind sailing. Built rock solid by a builder known for quality, she can enable you to follow your dreams to far oceans.

Maxim Motor yacht

1998 Maxum 4100 SCA

Maximum Pleasure

Popular for good reasons... comfortable dockside or on the move. Have a nice relaxing weekend getaway or a "stay-cation". The SCA stands for Sport Cabin Aft...with forward & aft staterooms that rival each other to be considered the master. The galley has a full size refrigerator, 3 burner electric stove and a microwave oven. There is also a complete canvas enclosure for the helm and the aft deck making it comfortable no matter what weather you might encounter.Think of all the fun and family activities with the TNT swim platform and dinghy lift... Easy to use, this platform provides a great space for the kids to swim. Including a 10ft hard bottom dinghy and 5hp outboard, you have a launch pad for a great weekend or vacation.

Hallberg-Rassy HR39 Live Aboard Crusing Blue Water Yacht

2002 Hallberg-Rassy HR39

Virginia Dare

Designed by German Frers, the HR 39 is a great sailing, tough, go anywhere bluewater boat, certified Category A for unlimited Ocean. There are many good reasons they sold so many, including her interior layout, which is very well thought out. The HR 39 offers two generous double cabins and large head. Seagoing galley and the salon is spacious and comfortable. She has a real sit down nav station, the salon is very open and comfortable and the galley works well at sea or at anchor. Offers great amount of storage which makes it possible to stay out for extended periods of time.

Hallberg-Rassy HR39 Live Aboard Cruising Blue Water Yacht

2000 Hallberg-Rassy 39


She is totally outfitted for voyaging and is a super cruising home. She's a great sailing, tough, bluewater boat with two staterooms and roomy accommodations. The beautiful design by German Frers and incredible build quality of Hallberg Rassy.

Malo 42 Ocean Cruising Blue Water Yacht

2000 Malo 42

Mary Eliza

Quite the world traveler, we found her in Grenada. Just what our clients were looking for.

Hallberg-Rassy HR42 Blue Water Crusing Live Aboard Ocean Yacht


1982 Hallberg-Rassy HR42

Sea Robin

The Hallberg-Rassy 42 is a powerful all-ocean vessel. They are easy to sail in all conditions, the sail plan is manageable, the layout works while at anchor and under sail, the deck layout is completely functional. This is an ocean going home, designed to be self sufficient, All the systems are accessible and well thought out. No other sailing yacht has won more awards for sensible design and build qualities. These yachts are form, fit and function in the highest degree- made to go the distance.

Hallberg-Rassy HR53 Unlimited Ocean Cruising Blue Water Yacht

2002 Hallberg-Rassy HR53

Blue Raven

With her powerful rig set up for true push button sailing for utmost ease and safety, the HR53 is one of the most comfortable and capable long range voyager where distance is no object.

Blue Raven has crossed the Atlantic and Pacific, has been well maintained and is fully equipped for extended voyaging. She is ready for further serious World cruising.

Hallberg-Rassy Blue Water Sailing Yacht Unlimited Ocean

2003 Hallberg-Rassy HR43 Hardtop

Blue Heron

Completed her circumnavigation and ready for another. Another owner has lived his dream and Blue is on her way to live the dream up north. Very well maintained and upgraded for safety and comfort around the world. She was turn key ready and on her way.

Hallberg-Rassy HR40 Blue Water Cruising Unlimited Ocean

2009 Hallberg-Rassy HR 40


Our Award winning Boat Show star. Ordered, delivered and commissioned by Free State Yachts.


Hallberg-Rassy HR42 Blue Water Live Aboard Cruiser Unlimited Ocean

2002 Hallberg-Rassy HR42 Frers


Ordered, delivered and commissioned by Free State Yachts. A true sailor's vessel, meticulously cared for with well thought out options and upgrades.

1999 Hallberg-Rassy HR42 Frers


Ordered, delivered and commissioned by Free State Yachts. Original owners have stayed in touch for maintenance, advice and social gatherings. They were ready for the next phase in their lives and we were glad to help Matusa move on to a new owner.

2000 Hallberg-Rassy HR53


What a fabulous find. We travel up the East Coast and discover this Majestic bluewater cruiser. Meticulously maintained and ready for her new owners future plans to circumnavigate.



2008 Hallberg-Rassy HR37

Skal & Bones

Ordered, delivered and commissioned by Free State Yachts. For cruising the islands or an Atlantic crossing, this comfortable, safe and fun to sail 37 has already found her way to FL with her new owner ready for New adventures.

1998 Hallberg-Rassy HR36

Lady Louise

Beautiful one owner boat, very lightly used. Always maintained with great care and foresight.


Hallberg-Rassy HR34








Sea Trial in Punta Gorda

2002 Hallberg-Rassy HR34

Blue Goose

Free State had the pleasure of the delivery and commissioning of "Blue Goose" new on the Chesapeake Bay 2002. It has been great staying in contact with her owners over the years even after they relocated to Florida. Whether technical support and advice or at a social gathering, we were pleased to be of service and happy to answer the call for help in finding a new owner. Our owners take great care of their boats, however, this one really stood out. Her buyer only had to look at her once and he knew !!


1997 Hylas 49 Cutter


Her current owner purchased Escape through Free State Yachts in 2009 in Deale, MD. After enjoying extensive cruising the Caribbean and South America, he decided it was time to move to a smaller boat. Now moored in Shelter Bay, Panama, her owner again reached out to Free State to find a new home for the boat. We're happy to say we were able to help and found a buyer, and together went to Panama and arranged the survey and sea trial and the sale was complete. Escapade recently made her first successful offshore voyage under her new commander and is now back in US waters again.








Sea Trial in NY Harbour

2003 Hallberg-Rassy HR36


Ordered and delivered by Free State Yachts,Windrush has served her owners well. Up and down the East Coast and in the Caribbean, she's provided a great combination of fun for the sailor and safety for her crew. Small enough for easy handling, yet big enough to go anywhere, any time, the HR36 is an extremely well thought out and comfortable performance cruiser.

1986 Hallberg-Rassy HR49


This majestic HR49 Elusion was owned by a lovely couple that spent many fun filled years cruising all over and really doing what they wanted to do. Her owners knew the Chesapeake was a great location to market and sell a boat of this caliber and brought her to us when it came time to part from her. As they lived out of state, they were concerned regarding her "on the hard status". "Who would charge the batteries, clean her scuppers, prep her for winter and just make sure she's safe?" We will and did, tucked right behind our office, we kept a close eye on Elusion until we found the perfect buyer. Free State readied her for survey and sea trial, and a unique comraderie was begun with her old and new family. She's gearing up for the coming season and they can't wait. Elusion's new owners have had their hearts set on an HR49 for a long time and now they found her.

1987 Oyster Lightwave 48

Forth Dram

The Oyster 48 is elegant, fast and safe, easily sailed by a cruising couple. Most running rigging leads back to the Center cockpit for utmost safety and comfort, she also offers a very spacious and accommodating layout below. This unique combination of innovation California design and the traditional high quality of English craftsmanship produced this yacht to satisfy the most serious offshore sailor who wants speed without sacrificing comfort and safety.

2003 Hallberg-Rassy 43

Bones Away

Ordered and delivered by us to her original owners,
they decided to downsize and ordered a new Hallberg-Rassy 37.

1982 Hallberg-Rassy HR352


A major refit in 2010, combined with Olle Enderlein's timeless design created the perfect opportunity for her buyer to enjoy what the 352 does best - sailing in perfect balance.


1997 Cruisers Model 3650


A beautiful and comfortable cruising yacht with a shallow draft that is perfect for the Chesapeake

1976 Hallberg-Rassy Rasmus

Empire II

Designed by Olle Enderlein, the Rasmus ("God of Winds") in production from 1967 to 1978. She was the first sailing yacht with a windscreen thus providing a well protected center cockpit.


2002 Hallberg-Rassy 39

Virginia Dare

Virginia Dare is fine example of a very well maintained, one owner, HR39 that really shows her owner's care and knowledge. The Chesapeake Bay has been her home since she was launched, with an occasional trip out of the Bay.

Ordered and delivered by Free State Yachts in 2002, she has served her owners well. They came to us to list her for sale and are moving to another phase of their lives.



2004 Caliber 40

Rising Sun

With lots of research and a "wish list", her new owners worked with our brokers to find just what they were looking for. Safe and comfortable, room to grow and make way for sea-going adventures.

1985 Hallberg-Rassy HR42

Holding her value and perfect for a young family. She made her way from Florida to Maryland for a new start on the Chesapeake. Sailors in training and what a wonderful way to learn their skills but on a Hallberg-Rassy.

2003 Hallberg-Rassy HR43

Busy plans for busy people, she was on the market less than a week when she caught the eye of her new owner. She's celebrating Spring break in Annapolis, then north to her new home


2006 Hallberg-Rassy HR43


Located in Spain, Free State Yachts coordinated with our international contacts. Our broker arranged the survey, marina requirements and attended her sale, then assisted in her journey back across the Atlantic to Ontario. From shipping to foreign registry, we will orchestrate and complete an international sale for our buyers and sellers.

2006 Hallberg-Rassy HR43


She's traveled all over the world and now heading to her new home in Canada. Free State Yachts was chosen to list this beautiful yacht due to our expertise in international sales.


1999 Hallberg-Rassy HR46 Hardtop


Her well-earned reputation as a bluewater cruiser and attention to her care has given her new owners a head start on their plans to take her north.




2005 Hallberg-Rassy HR37
Ordered and delivered by us in 2005, she participated in the Caribbean 1500, continued on to South America and back to the Chesapeake. Her new family is heading north and keeping cool.








2003 Hallberg-Rassy HR36Windrush




Ordered and delivered by us in 2003, she has been great fun for her original owners and her new owners are planning on many years of enjoyment









1976 Marine Trader Double Cabin 34'

Stella Rose
A solid trawler with a great layout, well cared for and updated. She still turns heads as she makes her way down the ICW







2003 Albin Family Cruiser 30'
Play Dough
She is moving south to the Carolinas for her new family's enjoyment







Free State Yachts image

1989 Monk Double Cabin 42'
A turn key trawler ready for another loop or a beautiful season on the Chesapeake Bay

Free State Yachts image

2003 Hallberg-Rassy HR34
Irish Eyes
We coordinated the sale, the arrangements for the transport and shipping of this lovely yacht to Europe. Our service crew packed her for shipping and were rewarded with evidence of their care when she arrived in excellent condition at her destination.



Free State Yachts image 2003 Hallberg-Rassy HR43
Blue Heron
Sold in 2 weeks and ready to circumnavigate and Live the Dream with her new owner.
Free State Yachts image 1997 Hylas 49
After searching up and down the East Coast we found her right in our own backyard.
Suited for crossing an ocean or circumnavigation, she's on her way south for some relaxation.



Free State Yachts image 2001 Hallberg-Rassy HR46
Sophia Rose
Many options and upgrades were the positive selling points in this Hallberg-Rassy bluewater cruiser. Although fairly new to sailing, her new owners feel safe and confident in a vessel of this high standard.



Free State Yachts image 2003 Hallberg-Rassy HR39
Professionally maintained blue water cruiser found her new owner locally and are keeping the Chesapeake Bay as home base.



Free State Yachts image 2003 Hallberg-Rassy HR43
Dawn Treader
Brought down from New York to Annapolis for Free State Yachts to sell, this gorgeous HR was sold and on the way to her new owner in less than 4 weeks.



Free State Yachts image 2000 Hallberg-Rassy HR53
From the West Coast to the East Coast and now in Europe,
this beautiful HR53 was updated and outfitted by Free State Yachts for an Atlantic crossing with her new owner's crew.



Free State Yachts image 2005 Hallberg-Rassy 40
Berthed in Barcelona, Spain- Free State Yachts
coordinated her sale overseas with our European contacts.
She has become a true international star.




Free State Yachts image 2000 Hallberg-Rassy 36
We enjoyed an active relationship with her Owner
while he was sailing and were happy to provide assistance
when it came time to sell.
She was prepped and packed by us, then transported
to the UK to her new Owner.



Free State Yachts image 1997 Hallberg-Rassy 42
Her out-of-town owner had concerns regarding
maintenance and safety while berthed in Annapolis
and we built a level of trust that eased his mind.
She is now sailing with her new owners from the UK.



Free State Yachts image 2005 Hallberg-Rassy 37
Ordered and delivered by us in 2005,
she participated in Caribbean 1500
and now her new family is cruising their dream.



Free State Yachts image 2004 Shamrock Offshore 29
This "ready to go cruiser" was listed
and sold in a matter of weeks. Her new owners
are keeping it local and enjoying the Chesapeake.



Free State Yachts image 1988 Sabre 30 MKIII
On the Razzle
'Razzle's original owners were selling
due to health reasons, now her new owner is reliving
his childhood passion on the water.



Free State Yachts image 2001 Hallberg-Rassy HR42
A beautiful boat, very well equipped and maintained.
She sold in just a few months with solid pricing.



Free State Yachts image 1987 Hallberg-Rassy HR352
Proof of the wonderful value on a Hallberg-Rassy of any age.
She is sailing her new owners to warmer climates.