Living the Dream


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HR 39 Scout


HR 53 Arielle



HR 412 Frejya

returning from the Annapolis Sailboat Show October 2017

HR 310 Blue Tonic in the Bermuda Race


HR 40MKII Flight First Sea Trial Hallberg-Rassy Yard

check out her website at

Hallberg-Rassy HR372

Alpine Blue

on display at the Annapolis Sailboat Show

Thanks to Bob and Janellen


Hallberg-Rassy HR43 in Ibiza

HR 43 Cadence in Ibiza

Hallberg-Rassy 43MKIII 2015


New Arrival at Port of Baltimore

HR 43 MKIII Bonnie Rye


Malo Swedish built blue water cruiser

Malo 42 S/V Belefonte - ARC leg1

link to sailing blog

Hallberg Rassy Blue Water Cruiser

HR 53 Blue Raven Blue Raven Sailing Blog


HR42 Jasmine in Exuma Sea/Land Park Bahamas

HR39 Virginia Dare in Old Bahama Bay Marina


HR46 Trillium - Port Moselle Marina - Noumea

HR46 Trillium - Maskelyne Islands


HR 40

HR40 Windleblo Cruising the Dalmation Coast


HR 46 Scattergood Corinth Canal

link to sailing blog

HR 46 Scattergood


HR40 Windleblo link to sailing blog

HR36 Windrush Sea Trial


Hallberg-Rassy HR42F

HR42 Matusa (photo courtesy YachtshotsBVI)

Hallberg-Rassy HR53

HR53 Caramelle Bohuslan, Sweden


HR43 Smidge Caribbean 1500 Winner

HR37 Skol & Bones Hopetown


Father and son on their circumnavigation - HR43 Blue Heron

HR43 Blue Heron link to sailing blog


Great Inagua- Bahamas


HR46 Trillium link to her sailing blog



HR43 Blue Heron Moonrise- Bora Bora

HR46 Trillium in the Carribean 1500


HR43 Blue Heron


HR43 Blue Heron - an unexpected visitor

HR37 Skol & Bones in Hopetown Abacos


HR43 Blue Heron - Easter Island

HR43 Smidge Winner overall Caribbean 1500